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RDP attacks are one of the most popular attack methods. Leaving RDP access open to everyone will cause serious security vulnerabilities.

How do RDP (Remote Desktop) attacks happen?

RDP attacks are usually done by password attempts. Bots prepared by the attacker generate random passwords and try until the result is reached. The number of these bots can be dozens or even thousands coming from different servers and IP addresses. You can make it difficult for the attacker by using hard and complex passwords or changing the default RDP port. Even if these precautions are taken, the attacker can scan the port again and find the relevant RDP port and repeat the trial process. Even if the attacker cannot access the password and infiltrate the server, your server will be busy processing requests from more attackers than the service you provided, causing unnecessary resource consumption and logging on your server. In the event of infiltration, worse scenarios such as data deletion and ransomeware left on the server may occur. By using Protect Remote, the attacker will not even have a chance to attack a place where they cannot access because only authorized users will access the RDP service of your server. All RDP attacks made by bots will be immediately cut off as soon as you activate the relevant security.

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