Next-Gen Security Solution
for WordPress

Block access to WordPress admin panel and important URLs to all internet traffic, allowing access only from devices you allow. And do this without needing a static IP address.

How it works?

  • 1
    It is activated by installing a plugin on your WordPress site. When the plugin is active, access to your admin panel is completely disabled, and those who try to enter will encounter the "Access Denied" page.
  • 2
    Your IP address is dynamically added to the ".htaccess" file of your Wordpress site via Protect Remote. In this way, the admin panel cannot be accessed from any IP address other than your IP address.
  • 3
    As soon as you open the Protect Remote application, you are given access to your IP address and you can access your Wordpress admin panel.
Protect Remote Access Denied
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Static IP Blocking
Dynamic IP Blocking
Dynamic IP Allowing
Login Page URL Changing
Hiding Authors From WP API
URL / Page Blocking

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