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What do we offer?

Don't allow RDP attacks

Your RDP connections are blocked from all internet networks except for allowed users. You do not need to get a static IP for this process.

Access your servers securely.

Only the people you permit should be able to access the server, database, web, or API points you open to the outside world, from anywhere regardless of location.

Open your development environments to external connections

Securely open your shared database, cache server, and other services used by your software development team to your team's access.

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Protect your
WordPress sites

Block access to WordPress admin panel and important URLs to all internet traffic, allowing access only from devices you allow. And do this without needing a static IP address.

We offer unique solutions
for your security.

Protect Remote creates a secure network between your team and servers. It blocks unwanted requests from different sources. It can also be used with other alternative security structures such as VPN.

Start protecting yourself
against cyber attacks immediately.

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next-gen security solution


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