Secure Software Development Environments

Software Development Environments

You can open services such as database and cache server remotely to your software development team.

How are attacks on software development teams working remotely?

Database Attacks

Teams working together usually need a common database. In remote teams, opening the database to the entire internet can cause serious security risks. Using the Brute-Force method, the database can be seized by attackers by making many password attempts. Protect Remote provides software development teams with a shared database. offers safe solutions for work.

Cache Server Attacks

Similar to the database, there may be different needs for teams working remotely, such as a cache server. In these structures, similar attacks to the database can be captured with the Brute-Force method.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are aimed at preventing the system from responding by making too many instant requests beyond the capacity of the system. If DDOS attacks are successful, the attacked server(s) will become unresponsive and will be interrupted. Even if the attackers cannot take over the system, they will prevent the servers from working and the software development team will fail. They will prevent him from continuing his work.

By using Protect Remote, only authorized users will have access to your entire development environment, so the attacker will not even have a chance to attack a place they cannot access. As soon as you activate the relevant security, all attacks by bots will be stopped immediately.

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