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As Protect Remote, we try to produce different integration solutions to ensure your security in every environment. Integrations are available on active Windows and Linux servers. In the future, we aim to offer solutions on cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services and Azure and on different softwares (nginx, mongodb, etc.).

Cross Platform Support

You can use your desktop and mobile devices regardless of operating system. On the desktop side, Windows, macOS operating systems and Linux distributions are supported. On the mobile side, you can connect via a device using iOS / iPadOS and Google Android. In order to support many more platforms, we are planning to activate browser plug-ins soon.

Role Based User Management

You can organize your users more easily by defining roles on the system (system administrator, software developer, etc.). In addition, since the authorizations such as port access to be given on the system will proceed through roles, user management can be done simply for large organizations. A user can have a single role or multiple roles.

Location Independent Usage

It doesn't matter where you are or what device you are using. You can join the secure network from your desktop or mobile devices, no matter where you are from your home or a cafe. This process is quite simple, fast, and reliable.

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