Secure Web Applications

Web Applications

Web applications that are open to general access can cause company data to leak out by attackers.

Protect Remote can help protect against these types of attacks by limiting access to web applications to only authorized users and blocking malicious traffic.

Brute-force Attack

The brute-force method involves bots trying to log into application login screens from different IP addresses repeatedly until they succeed. While measures such as captcha and IP-based restrictions can be taken, they cannot provide complete protection.

SQL Injection

SQL injection attacks are a common method used to exploit database-based applications. The attacker tries to include the parameters sent through "QueryString" or other means in the SQL query. If successful, the attacker can bypass the login process and manipulate the data in the database. Depending on the level of vulnerability, the attacker can erase all data in the database or make a backup of it in a way that they can access.

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

Injection attacks can be carried out by adding client-side codes such as JavaScript, which run in the user's browser, to the HTML code of the application. This can be done by adding code that will be executed in the user's browser. This occurs when there are input fields in the application where the user can enter data and sufficient precautions are not taken to prevent it.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks aim to prevent the system from responding by making a large number of instant requests that exceed the capacity the system can handle. There is no need for a security vulnerability in the code for these attacks to succeed. If a DDOS attack is successful, the targeted server(s) will become unable to respond and will experience downtime.

By using Protect Remote, only authorized users will be able to access web applications that require limited access, so there will be no chance of an attack on a place that the attacker cannot access. When you activate the relevant security, all attacks by bots will be immediately stopped.

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