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How do I protect my WordPress site with Protect Remote?

The Remote system integrated does not interfere with the source code of the system it is a part of. The system operates as follows: When you set up the WordPress ProtectRemote plugin, you can protect your system in three different modes. The first one restricts access only to your login screen, the second one restricts access only to your admin panel, and the third one restricts access to the entire WordPress website. When you choose one of these three options, the ProtectRemote plugin performs the following actions: It receives the IP address information of the user connecting to the site and checks whether it is among the secure IP addresses. Based on the response received, access is either restricted or permission is granted, allowing access to the data.

You can download the WordPress plugin by clicking on the link below. After downloading the zip file, extract it and copy the 'protectremote' folder from the extracted files into the 'plugins' directory (your-web-site/wp-content/plugins) within the source code of your WordPress site.

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